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Size Guide

Use the charts below to check our standard size formats and find the best option for your bed.

Product Type

Duvet Covers

Twin - 68"x88" (173x224cm)

Queen - 88"x92" (224x234cm)

King - 104"x92" (264x234cm)

Flat Sheets

Twin - 72"x112” (183x284cm)

Queen - 94"x112" (239x284cm)

King - 112"x112" (284x284cm)

In Silk

- 72"x108” (183x274cm)

Queen - 94"x108" (239x274cm)

King - 112"x108" (284x274cm)

Fitted Sheets

Twin - 39"x75+17" (99x191+43 cm)

Queen - 60"x80+17" (152x203+43 cm)

King - 76"x80+17" (193x203+43 cm)

California King - 72"x84+17" (183x213+43 cm)


Standard - 21"x32"" (53x81cm)

King - 21"x40" (53x102cm)


Standard - 21"x27” (53x69cm)

King - 21"x36” (53x91cm)

Euro - 26"26" (66x66cm)

Decorative Pillows

20"x20" (51x51cm)


12"x16" (30x41cm)


Twin - 72"x92" (183x234cm)

Queen - 94"x97" (239x246cm)

King - 112"x97" (284x246cm)

Quilted Shams

Standard - 20"x26" (51x66cm)

King - 20"x36" (51x91cm)

Euro - 26"x26" (66x66cm)

Quilted Coverlets

Twin - 72"x92" (183x234cm)

Queen - 96"x98" (244x249cm)

King - 115"x98" (292x249cm)


Wash - 12x12” (30x30cm)

Hand - 20x40” (51x101cm)

Bath - 28x55” (70x140cm)

Body Sheet - 40x60”(101x152cm)


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